Take your customer experience to the next level with Doocat! 

Doocat is the best solution for the migration of banking services to the digital environment, tailored to the needs of your customers and personalized for your bank! 

Doocat is a multi-functional solution created to take the customer experience to a new level. 

The intuitive design and smoothly of the application will help users to perform all basic banking operations in just a couple of clicks.

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Online Banking

Doocat performs digitization of traditional banking saving money and time both for banks and its customers. While online services are cost-efficient and reduce the budget spent on offline banking, customers benefit from easily managing their banking and financial services just in a few clicks.


Mobile Banking

Gain a competitive advantage and digitalize your customers’ banking experiences and simplify their financial operations. Putting your bank into their pocket, you privilege them with numerous financial services and operations right from their phone, from any point of the world, with paperless and less time-consuming solutions, secure and more personalized approaches.



Doocat eWallet is created and designed to simplify financial workflow and process transactions in online environment instant and secure. It includes traditional banking activities and services that one can get when physically in a bank.


Business Process Automation Platform

Optimization of business processes is a direct way to reduce operational costs and increase enterprise productivity. Doocat Business Process Automation empowers companies to process the repetitive work more efficiently...


Core Banking for Microfinance CBM

Specially created for Microfinance organizations, Easy, Fast, light on system requirements, and most importantly, built and developed ground up on the latest software development tools and the technology stacks of Microservices and Kubernetes. This enables updates to be done without stopping the system...


Doocat AI Assistant for Financial Institution

Our AI Assistant helps in assessing borrowers' repayment capacity when they apply for loans, mortgages, and credit cards, as well as in identifying the most suitable candidates for loan offers.


Agency Banking

Agents serve as an extension of your bank in the field, while Back Office users retain the authority to approve or decline Agent actions, ranging from creating new accounts to conducting transactions.



Corporate Banking

Banks need to cut off their costs, rethink the product range and make more distinct customer segmentation. Corporate clients are also facing significant changes: personnel rotation, company development strategy redirection enhance new requirements for banking products. Doocat is the exact solution to provide the corporate clients with the best services, as well as to become the market leader.

Retail Banking

Doocat system is developed to ensure an uninterrupted usage by 500 employees simultaneously. With the roles’ allocation, each assigned employee is responsible for their own part of the payment order approval process. Once the operation is approved by all assigned employees, it’s performed immediately.

Payment System

Doocat payment system allows to perform all the necessary operations just in a few clicks. The application interface is designed the way that even new users can easily manage their finances. Doocat users have access to all modern technologies of automated and remote banking services, such as mobile banking and Internet banking, as well as to the built-in electronic wallet.

Islamic Banking

Doocat Islamic Banking is a great solution for banks providing their services in Muslim countries. It is designed in full compliance with Sharia law and is a universal solution for your Muslim clients. Doocat team is deeply experienced in developing and integrating its own solutions and services to meet the needs and goals of any financial institution in different regions. As a key player in the financial services market, Doocat could not pass by such an important segment as Islamic Banking.
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